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23 February 2023 MyStock Edit 1-21.jpg
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  • Why MyStock?
    MyStock offers a digital marketplace that is ideal for informal retailers as well as a comprehensive sales solution for brands and manufacturers.
  • How much does it cost?
    MyStock is free for informal retailers while a margin of sales is charged for brands and manufacturers.
  • What can I buy on MyStock?
    You can buy a wide range of goods on the MyStock platform, covering different categories such as packaged foods, beverages and toiletries.
  • Which cities does MyStock operate in?
    MyStock currently operates in Johannesburg and surrounding areas, please check our website for updates on expansion.
  • How does MyStock delivery and payment work?
    Our partner distributors will deliver your order to within days. We accept various forms of payment to support all informal retailers.
  • How do I place orders on MyStock?
    Simply sign up via our website and we will be contact.
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